We provide professional certification for Celebrants across North America.

We are looking to attract and certify those with the skills, experience and talent who can make every celebration the glowing event you will remember forever.

If you feel you have the skills and experience to be part of our team we cannot wait to hear from you.

It is free to apply a a Society of Celebrations certified Celebrant, but not everybody is accepted.
We have a team of reviewers who oversee every application for experience and talent and we always take up references.Where we feel it is needed we will call by telephone to discuss your application.

Apply Now!

You can download our application form here and submit by e-mail to applications@societyofcelebrations.org.
Once your application is received you should have a reply within a week.

If accepted there is an annual fee of $75 to cover the running of the organization.

NOTE: You can pay for a five year certification for a reduced price of only $300, which will cover you for that extended period.

You will be expected to renew you membership each calendar your from your initial payment.

We truly appreciate you choosing to become one of the premier celebrants in the United States.

You can pay your annual subscription by clicking below:

 or pay your $300 five year subscription at the reduced rate by clicking below:

 Thank you so much for being a part of our new and exciting team!